The platform is integrated in a "cloud computing" application environment which allows the access to services and their seamless integration with the internal and external processes of companies in an Open Innovation model. 

Our solution is based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 and allows users to integrate key practices and methodologies in their processes, accelerating the innovation rate and enabling a better market opportunities exploitation.

Automatic Alerting based on field conditions:
  • By email
  • By SMS

Living many-to-many data relationships:

  • Tab Views
  • Interactive Views
  • Filtered Views

Analytics & Standard Reporting:
  • Search
  • Charts
  • Query Builder


  • Possibility of integration with external systems
  • Mobile access

Content & Document Management:

  • Safely store your documents relating to intelligence items
  • Sharing of contents among colleagues


  • Global leading provider of cloud solution
  • Daily backup

We believe in Innovation and we are committed to deliver "The next Generation Solutions" for Sharepoint 2013 together with our technology partner BPA Solutions.

BPA Solutions is a global technology company and proven software leader. Since 2001, BPA has been creating a single platform to reduce the costs, risk and time needed to deliver solutions on SharePoint.


IRM Platform is the integration of existing and proved professional services into an ICT environment. Services are available 24/7, via cloud computing, through the Internet. The system is easy-to-use, scalable, flexibile and can be used at different level of complexity regardless the size of the end-user organization.


  • customizable to each customer's needs
  • no ICT investments are required
  • flexibility of expansion over time
  • information and knowledge capitalization over time
  • embedded in innovation and technology management best-practices