Valuate and valorize your technology and IP Portfolio

Business needs and critical decisions demand for a continuous and structured base of interconnected information:

  • How strong are company's technologies and what is their untapped potential? 
  • Which technologies affect most the company's business? How to increase the impact? 
  • Which technologies have the greatest potential for growth? 
  • Which technologies to invest in? How to protect them with patents? 
  • How to effectively communicate the value of the company's technologies to industrial partners, funders and customers? 
  • How to bring new products to market ahead of competitors and at a lower cost? 
  • How to reduce the cost of the patent portfolio of the company? 
  • How to optimize investments in research and development? 
  • How to foster the dissemination and exploitation of new ideas? 
  • How to make more efficient the process of innovation?
  • Self-assessment and monitoring of your technology/IP portfolio value through proprietary methodologies: TES ® (Technology Equity Score) 
  • Alignment of your current technology portfolio to the overall innovation and business strategy 
  • Alignment of your R&D projects portfolio to the innovation strategy
  • Evaluation of the R&D projects fall-outs through proprietary methodologies: PES ® (Project Equity Score) 
  • Access the competitive technological landscape and market & technology scouting valorization

Professionals and Managers of several functions:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • IP
  • R&D
  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Strategy

The environment is composed of: organized information bases (markets, competitors, technologies, intellectual property, products, ...), high value-added services (valuation of the portfolio of technology and R&D projects, ...) and best practices and methodologies.

|BENEFITS - What you can do|

  • Gain access to professional valuation services of IP and technology strategic management
  • Evaluate technological assets for extraordinary transactions (sale, acquisition) 
  • Understand the strategic contribution of the technological assets to the company's competitiveness 
  • Focus investments by identifying the technologies with the greatest potential 
  • Protect and enhance the critical technologies for competitive advantage 
  • Communicate the value of technological assets to industrial partners, lenders, customers and partners 
  • Anticipate competitors by speeding up the time to market of new products/services 
  • Reduce operating costs and optimize the patent and technology portfolio