IRM® (Innovation Relationship Management) platform is a digital application environment that supplies intelligence, best-practices and value-added services to implement the following processes: technology and intellectual property strategic management, innovation network management and collaborative R&D, technology transfer and new business identification activities.

IRM® platform capitalizes the know-how, experiences and tools developed by ICM and IPT Alliance in several projects with SME, industrial and technology clusters, mid-large corporations in the fields of innovation management, R&D and technology valuation, IP management and technology transfer. Leading markets are Germany, Switzerland and France.


According to our experience, innovation processes within companies need a lot of information, at different levels and multiple scopes. Since valuable  linkages between IP, technologies, products and markets are often hidden, there is a lot of complexity to be managed and reduced.

The IRM® Value Proposition addresses the needs of professionals and managers belonging to different business functions:

  • Technology & Innovation management
  • IP management
  • R&D engineering
  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Strategy
  • Technology transfer 
  • Finance
IRM® services are tailored to different industries, markets and business ecosystems (suppliers, customers, partners, universities):



The platform has the following objectives:

  • Accelerate the innovation rate and the R&D cycle
  • Leverage companies’ and research centers’ innovative capabilities
  • Produce high quality technology and patent assets
  • Extract economic value from technologies and intellectual property
  • Go to market as fast as possible
  • Enable collaborative research and business networks

ICM Industrial supports Mid-Large Corporations, SMEs, Clusters and Enterprise Networks in all the phases of the innovation process: from idea generation to transfer to end-markets. Each step is enabled by the access to a broad set of strategic infobases concerning the markets, technologies, products and specific intellectual property.


ICM Industrial is particularly focused on strategic innovation and technology management practices with the main vision to provide eco-sustainable manufacturing services and management tools to the overall innovation eco-system.