Globally, the mechatronics technological and research scenario has been changing compared to the recent past. Over the last years, in this respect, the engineering disciplines which the sector encompasses are now diverging instead of converging. The main driver of change is represented by highly complex technological designs and inter-interdisciplinary solutions which request a synergic integration of many aspects of the engineering knowledge base. Mechatronics plays indeed the main role of combining and embracing several transversal disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, electrical, software engineering, information systems, communication, control and artificial intelligence.

In Europe, mechatronic technologies are the most advanced in the world. Large industrial-based countries such as Germany, France, Italy and other innovative countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, UK, Austria have built a significant stock asset in terms of know-how, patents and innovation skills.

Nevertheless, the globalization and technology-hungry countries such as China, India, Korea are real threats due to their increasing demand and financing capabilities. European countries have indeed to react promptly in order to protect their strategic advantages and develop new value-added business models by accelerating the innovation and the market exploitation.

In this context, the industrial mechatronic clusters represent key elements for the competitiveness of companies and other research-related entities. They foster and stimulate know-how sharing practices, R&D resources aggregation with the main objective to reach a critical mass of investments, streamline the innovation process and reduce the time-to-market.  Being driven by an open innovation approach, clusters are also very important for mid and large corporations in making ideas/technologies/ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) accessible. Finally, they can enable an effective ecosystem of collaborative research, technology transfer and market exploitation.


Today, as well as in the future, mechatronics is very likely to find a place in all the engineering disciplines. The research activities are focusing on a wide range of new technologies and innovations, whose main applicative areas are the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Systems and Process Control Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • System Integration

The integration of various theories, principles, techniques, methodologies and standards is increasing the complexity of devices and systems. As a consequence, a system-level approach is required to design practices and reach an holistic comprehension. This approach should enable engineers to integrating mechanical and control design, quickly realizing prototypes and re-using algorithms in final embedded deployment platforms.

The technological scenario is affected by the need to improve efficiency and operational performances. Furthermore, sophisticated and flexible controls have been continuously changing the automation systems. Communication issues, control capabilities, implementation simplicity, efficiency, reliability and safety in the system design have indeed become the main drivers of technological development.

Given such a complex and highly innovative scenario, ICM Industrial has mapped the national Mechatronics Value Chain and the IP scenario in order to support the national players in assessing attractive business opportunities and discovering state-of-the- art technology solutions.

The IRM® Mechatronics Technology & IP Data Bank has been built with the main vision to integrate and link together the most promising technologies, products,  solutions and the relative Intellectual Property. Designed and delivered in a cloud computing model, the platform can be defined as a structured and continually updated set of know-how, information bases and best practices whose main purpose is to turn a vast and dispersed knowledge/information concerning the mechatronics sector into valuable insights and new business opportunities.