The Smart Energy opportunity for the Italian Industry 
Global Technology, IP Scenario & Technology Transfer 
Cluster Management Workshop "Implementing a World-Class Cluster" - Milan

R2B 2012 - Bologna

IRM®  Platform Presentation

R2B 2012 - Bologna

IRM®  Platform Presentation

Cluster Management Workshop, 17th April 2012, Milan

Santorso, 26th November 2011

Building territorial synergies starting from the territory’s needs. Cavazzana's speech

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Schio, 30th April  2011. Presentation event of ICM International


The Smart Energy opportunity for the Italian Industry

Global Technology, IP Scenario & Technology Transfer

22nd October, 2013 - Rome

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Managing the innovation network-best practices and tools

On the occasion of the workshop "Innovation: how to sustain competitive advantage for Italian companies" organized by Galgano  & Associati Consulting, ICM Industrial presents "Managing the innovation network-best practices and tools"

4th July 2013, ABB, Milan

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Technology Transfer - Processes for innovation acceleration and technology transfer structuring

On the occasion of the training course "Trademarks, patents, intellectual property", ICM Industrial presents "Technology Transfer - Processes for innovation acceleration and technology transfer structuring"

20th June 2013, Skillab Corso Stati Uniti 38, Turin

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Poland Cluster Managers Workshop

6th June 2013, Warsaw
On the occasion of the conference "Clusters and Clusters Policy among the Visegrad Group (V4+)" organized by the Polish Ministry of Economy, ICM Industrial andPARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development), organize a workshop for Polish Cluster Managers on 6th June at Warsaw

Cluster Management 

Implementing a World-Class Cluster

IRM® - Innovation Relationship Management

Best Practices, tools and experiences

19th March 2013 Milan


ICM Industrial at R2B - Bologna Fair District, June 6-7 2012
9.30 am - 6.00 pm - Stand F30
IRM® Platform - Innovation acceleration & Technology Transfer
Mechatronics, Cleantech and Aerospace
6th June 2012, Arena R2B, BolognaFiere

ICM valued MESAP's technologic and industrial assets
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Cluster Management
17th April 2012, Milan
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ICM Industrial launches IRM Cluster, the platform for innovation acceleration and market exploitation
23rd March 2012, Milan

Mechatronics European Intercluster Project 
Kick-off workshop
Turin, February 2012

Accelerate the innovation and market exploitation of Mechatronics European Clusters
Motek 2011 Exhibition, 13 October  2011, Stuttgart
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Building territorial synergies starting from the territory’s needs
Workshop, Provincia Italiana, 26th November 2011
Villa Rossi, incubatore di sostenibilità e sinergie territoriali
Speaker: Angelo Cavazzana, Director of technical operations, ICM International

Festa della SOStenibilità - Green Economy for global success                          
"ICM Industrial's platform and projects to accelerate sustainable innovation"                      
Speaker: Pier Angelo Biga, CEO ICM Industrial e ICM International
7th October 2011 in collaboration with Confindustria di Vicenza

Eco-sustainable products and process demand of the packaging industry
ICM in collaboration with
Nordest Packaging District (NEP)
13rd June 2011, Lanificio Conte - Piazza Alvise Conte, 7 Schio (VI)
"...It is a project based on management and technological know-how, on service platforms consolidated all over the world. The industrial plan forecasts revenues, direct and indirect, of over 12 million in five years and it includes a staff of over fifty people.."
Read the article, "Il Giornale di Vicenza" - 1st May 2011

30th April 2011, h. 11.30

Lanificio Conte - Schio (VI)
ICM Industrial, the first industrial research center in Italy specialized in eco-sustainable manufacturing, will be presented on the occasion of Festival Citta' Impresa in Schio (Vicenza).

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Read the article on "Il Giornale di Vicenza" - 28th April 2011



"ICM International in collaboration with Municipality of Schio founded the  first research center for eco-sustainable manufacturing at the national level: ICM Industrial, a structure that will be among the most advanced in Europe too and it will be focused on research and development of technological sustainable solutions."

Read the article, Il Giornale di Vicenza - 09/02/2011